Ladies & Gentleman This is slow jam from D.O. 

The new What is Love

Yeah~ Play another slow jam

This is my property Tell me what is love

나를 사랑하지 않는 너를 잊은채 
하고 싶었던 모든걸 하고 살아도 
머릿속에 넌 절대 지워지지가 않아 도대체
왜 넌 날 자꾸 밀어내야만 했나? 
그럴수록 다가선 내가 이기적인 마음이었나
이런 생각들로 도망치지도 못해 
이딴게 정말 사랑일게 맞을까?
헤어질 준비가 안됐어, wait a minute 
기다림은 너무 길은데, has no limit 
대답없는 널 자꾸 불러도 메아리만 
돌아와 oh oh oh
너를 잃고도 살아가는 내가 너무 싫지만 
언젠가는 이라고 바랜다 
Tell me what is love (2x)

Eng trans: 

You, the one who has never loved me
All I ever wanted was to live at your side
Never did erase you from my mind
Why must you continue brushing me aside?
Because of my increasingly selfish heart
There’s no way I can escape these thoughts
Is this really what they call love?
I’m not ready for this to end, wait a minute
The road we walk down as we wait has no limit
Though my unanswered calls are mere echoes
Come back to me oh oh oh
I want to move on and live my life, though I’d hate to lose you
Sooner or later, I will fade away
Tell me what is love (2x)

cr: avelldo